• Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (GNIPST) is a premiere genetics college in Kolkata, West Bengal offering M. Sc Genetics, a 2-year postgraduate degree program affiliated by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) that prepares students for a broad range of careers associated with the design and implementation of knowledge regarding transmission of genetic materials and its implementation in different practical fields of biological sciences.
  • Genetics, in fact provided the modern paradigm (a prototype) for whole of biology. In the last few decades, the science of genetics has pervaded all aspects of biology so that it has assumed a central position of great significance in biology as a whole. While on the one hand, genetics is used for a study of the mechanism of heredity and variation, on the other hand it has provided tools for the study of the fundamental biological processes examined and taught in areas, like plant physiology, biochemistry, biostatistics, ecology, plant pathology, microbiology, etc. Consequently today every biologist should be bit of a geneticist. The science of genetics also had a tremendous impact in applied areas including medicine, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, law and religion.
  • Course aims to provide :-
  • The scope of genetics as a central biological discipline rests on the fact that genes are those parts of biological systems which give continuity to them. Genetics provides one of the analytical tools for its study. The scope of genetics, with its enlightenment of all branches of biology, makes it an obvious partner in the pursuit of applied biology. From horticulture to plant and animal breeding in general, the concepts and methods of genetics-be it individual or strain genetics in terms of hybridization and segregation, or population genetics in terms of equilibria and selection-form indispensable parts of procedure. Problems of pest control involve the existence of innately sensitive strains and the origin of resistant ones. Host-parasite relations depend on a balance of genetically determined interactions between the two components of the combating teams. Human genetics is both a basic and an applied science.
  • Career Opportunities :-
  • Genetics as a career is in peak demand due to the development of precision based medicine and wellness therapies. Nowadays, people tend to get their genetic profiling done to assess any tendencies for future complications and change their lifestyle accordingly to prevent such conditions. Every field including genetics has a lot of opportunities however your achievements depends upon your interpersonal skills. Students are guided by a qualified and experienced faculty who are counted amongst all rounder scholars in their profession. Design and fabrication projects are also undertaken by the students during the course as a part of their curriculum. Students opt their career as a Genetic Counsellors, Forensic Science Research Associates, Genetic Scientist in Agriculture & Food Scientific, Researcher, Medical Scientist, Scientific Writer, etc after completion of their course.
  • Eligibility & Intake :-

Graduation in Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Molecularbiology/ Genetics/ Zoology/ Botany/ Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Physics/ Chemistry from a recognized university.

Duration - 2 years

Intake - 30